Michiana Boudoir is an intimate portrait studio. Our mission is to show you the beautiful that everyone else sees when they look at you. By embracing your appearance in this fun and flattering way, you acquire a new confidence. Whether you’re being photographed for your fiancé, for your husband, or for yourself, you will look and feel elegant and alluring. Revealing your sensual side should be an adventure, never awkward or uncomfortable. At Michiana Boudoir we artistically capture your inner and outer beauty through an empowering journey tailored uniquely to you.


Very few of us are lingerie models or movie stars, but we all deserve a moment in the spotlight, if it’s to share with the person we love, or just to remind ourselves that we can shine, no matter our age or body type. So buy yourself something pretty, be pampered, be glowing, be glamorous. Stop the clock, enjoy, and make this an experience that’s all about celebrating you. You will shine. You will charm. You will be radiant. Because you will be you.


Hi, I am Crystal, photographer and owner of Michiana Boudoir. I have been taking boudoir portraits since 2010. It’s my favorite form of photography – which is why I specialize in producing provocative, evocative imagery of beautiful women just like you. Sexy is an attitude. It’s an angle – a part of who you are. Your job is to be yourself. My job is to bring out the best in you. With professional styling, the right lighting, and a little time of just the two of us together, we will transform you into a thing of pure beauty. Michiana Boudoir features an all female staff, women understand women. It’s a simple concept but what it means during your Session is SO IMPORTANT. It means I can anticipate your needs, your concerns, and your hopes. Using this insight, I can make you feel comfortable to get the best pictures possible.

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A few fun facts about me: I was voted “Miss Manners” in school, I’ve been 29 since 2008 (leave it alone) and I can’t leave a professional voicemail to save my life. I have look-alike children, 7 years apart, one girl, one boy. They are my world. Oh and I love their Dad too. When I hear music, I can’t sit still. Give me a fast beat and I’ll be bouncing out of my chair. I got a bad haircut early 2021 which left me feeling exposed, so now I wear wigs. You never know which Crystal you're going to get. I’d love to get to know you, contact me today!