Everyday to Slay Monday | South Bend Boudoir

It’s Everyday to Slay Monday combined with Throwback Thursday?! What?! Why not? These images were taken in our previous studio that we left behind in April of this year.

The “everyday” images are taken the day clients come in to purchase their images from their Session or as I like to call it the “Peepshow”. I’m not a big fan of traditional before/afters that a lot of photographers like to use for advertising, I feel like it’s saying there’s something wrong with how a woman looks before hair/makeup and ta-da our business made her gorgeous. Let’s make this clear, Michiana Boudoir believes your beautiful before you walk through our door and it’s just our job to make you believe it too. Hence “Everyday to Slay” because we want you to walk away feeling like you can SLAY BABY!!!

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