The Boudie-logistics, baby!

  • Where are you located? Michiana Boudoir is located at 214 South Main Street Suite 3; Elkhart, Indiana 46516. We’re in the same building as The Vine restaurant in downtown Elkhart.
  • What hours is the studio open? Boudoir Sessions are available on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment only.
  • How do I book my Session? Click this link to purchase your Session and I’ll email you with a list of current openings!
  • I would like my photos to be a gift for my significant other. How far in advance should I book? Plan for your Session to take place a minimum of five weeks prior to your gift giving occasion. Michiana Boudoir is usually fully booked 4-6 weeks in advance but it really depends on the time of the year.
  • Do you include lingerie? Michiana Boudoir does have a lingerie closet clients can borrow from (sizes XS-4X). I still recommend you bring your own favorite pieces along with bra sets and strapless for additional support under lingerie. You are welcome to bring more outfits then needed for your Session and I’ll help you narrow it down.
  • How can I view my pictures after the photo shoot? A: You will view your retouched images as soon as one week after your Session at your private Peepshow (ordering appointment).
  • Do you shoot motorcycles or vehicles with your clients? A: No. I don’t shoot outside, I only take pictures in the comfort of my studio because mother nature is a fickle bi%#h.

Money, it makes the world go around love!

  • What is the cost? The Session Fee starts at $399 and includes too much list here, you can read all about it at this link .
  • Do you need a deposit to reserve my photo shoot? The Session Fee is required to schedule your photo shoot.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? I accept cash, credit cards, and Paypal Credit. I can also set up an interest Payment Plan if you would like to break up your payment over time instead of in one lump sum.
  • I’m not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself, is it ok if I’m on a budget? I totally understand. That’s why I offer payment plans to make a boudoir portrait experience manageable for any budget. This is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime and you’ll be able to look back at your pictures and cherish the memories and experience for years to come.
  • What if I want a product you don’t offer? You can order duplicate digital image file of any picture you purchase, so you’ll be able to create whatever you want with your digital files.
  • Are all my Digital Images included in my Photo Shoot? No, pictures are not included in the Session Fee.
  • Can I bring someone to the photoshoot or the viewing? No.
  • Will I be able to purchase more from that shoot in the future? We do one Peepshow per photo shoot, we only keep the images you purchase.
  • Do you work with models? Not in the traditional sense. I don’t pay anyone to work with me and I don’t give anyone free pictures to shoot with me. Even when I run a Model Call I still get paid for the pictures, I just provide a discount. Generally, I only do Model Calls 1-2 times a year for creative purposes.

Session for two? Couples Boudoir Sessions

  • I don't see Couples Boudoir on your price list, do you shoot Couples Boudoir? I do Couples Boudoir Sessions with Repeat Offenders (clients). Call it a perk for repeat clients, if you will, but it's mostly because repeat clients know me and are a lot less likely to try to make me a part of their foreplay.
  • What is the cost? The Session Fee starts is $499 and includes everything that the normal Boudoir Session does except only stylist services for one partner. Stylist services can be added on for the other partner for $50 for hair or makeup or $100 for both.
  • You shoot women nude in a Standard Session, do you shoot nudes during Couples Sessions? Short answer no. I require at minimum underwear be on at all times during Couples Sessions. I have a lot more experience posing women in different states of undress so for the most part men stay fully clothed during Couples Sessions at Michiana Boudoir.
  • Do the couples get aroused? Maybe occasionally in their head, it's a sexy process no doubt. Bottom line, you have seen each other naked before, you've touched each other before, you've done naughty things before WITHOUT a pint size bossy photographer standing
    next to them barking out sometimes painful instructions. I'm like the WORST THIRD WHEEL EVER lol. I'm pretty much the anti-erection pill with a camera!

Privacy, for whose eyes only?!

  • Can my images be kept private? All images are kept private unless the client signs an image release form. The women on the Michiana Boudoir website and social media accounts have given permission for me to share their images in hopes of encouraging other women to reward themselves with the Michiana Boudoir experience.
  • Who will be there during my session? The only people in the room for your session will be the photographer Crystal and you, the client. If you do bring a guest, they are welcome to sit in the makeup room (within hearing distance) during your actual session (limit 1 person).
  • Is the photographer a female? Yes.

I still have questions...

...please feel free to send me an email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.